How Can Authors Promote their Books Without Spending a Lot of Money?
No Problem!  Success as an author, especially when creating your platform in social media and establishing your brand, using the tools described here, is almost free. It’s all about where to find readers, book bloggers, and reviewers and how to connect with them. A book marketing checklist in the last chapter will provide you with a useful timeline.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the book marketing possibilities. You don’t have to do it all in a week, a month, or even a year. These are single steps you can take, one by one, to build your audience.

You Never Get a Second Chance for a Good First Impression!
The goal of this book is to show you the professional, yet inexpensive way of publishing a book and how to build your readership, no matter if you self-publish or sell your manuscript to a traditional publisher.

Explains why book marketing is important – and rewarding and how readers will find your book among millions of others. You will also learn about the difference between marketing and selling through ads.

In this chapter, you will evaluate your current publishing and book marketing situation. You will learn, in chronological order, the basics to start your author platform, find out which social media accounts are effective, and how to present your book and yourself professionally.

Here you will learn the important steps in a professional book production. Let’s assume your manuscript is finished, has been read by other writers and beta readers, and is on the way to the editor. What is your next step in book marketing? And where else can you sell your book?

In this chapter, you will get tips for “passive marketing”; book layout tips; your author pages; and other places you can sell your book besides the major online retailers.
Find a timeline checklist for your book launch event.

Here, you will learn about advanced marketing strategies and how you can leverage your manuscript in markets other than e-book or paperback, and even in foreign markets.  A comprehensive checklist for your book marketing gives you a valuable tool for years (and books) to come!

Doing these steps is a long-term time investment. They won’t initiate an immediate spike in book sales; rather, they will improve a number of your readers and the exposure of your books.
Remember: all of your writing is an asset that can keep making you money for decades to come!

A certain time commitment may be necessary, at least in the beginning, depending on your level of involvement. Yet, you will learn how to connect reader communities and social media accounts and the more you use these marketing tools, the faster you can handle them. Which means that you will get more visitors and buyers.

You may not be a New York Times bestselling author with a publicist–yet.  So, if you want to succeed at self-publishing, you will want to learn everything you can about professional book layout, publishing, and traditional book marketing methods.  You will find many steps in the publishing process in this book. These tasks are not obvious “book marketing” tasks, but they are essential for your success as an author.

For Whom is this Book Useful?
Self-Publishers and authors who work with traditional publishers alike profit from this book marketing and publishing guide. Get inspirations and encouragement from someone who has 35+ years of experience in print and e-book publishing, book marketing, online writing and magazine publishing.
Author Doris-Maria Heilmann

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Videos, book trailers, book teasers – whatever names you use – it is one of the fastest growing, powerful trends in promoting books online.

Valuable Tips and more than 150 useful and interesting links to websites for FREE music and images, and tutorial videos will help you to plan, create and promote your book trailer on the road to bestseller status.

No matter if you have an e-book, audio-book or traditional paper book: This guide explains in detail how to use free video-uploading to promote and market your book successfully.

Book trailers and YouTube videos are quickly gaining popularity among publishers and successful authors to help promote books and encourage people to read them. Bestsellers have them – why not you? Introduce your book and get potential readers excited!
Author Doris-Maria Heilmann

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Es gibt Augenblicke, in denen man keine Zeit oder Lust hat, dicke Romane zu lesen. Am Strand, in der U-Bahn, abends im Bett oder im Wartezimmer – immer dann, wenn man sich ein bisschen entspannen will.

Claudia Westphal serviert uns die kleinen, heiteren Häppchen für den Lese-Hunger zwischendurch, zum Schmunzeln und Träumen, zum Lächeln und Mitfühlen oder Nachdenken.

Sie versteht es mit dem Leser zu spielen ihn unbewusst auf eine falsche Fährte zu locken – um ihn letztendlich mit unerwarteten Wendungen zu überraschen.

Spannend, heiter, und oft mit überraschenden Wendungen – in jedem Fall ein abwechslungsreiches Lesevergnügen, eine echte Entdeckung!

Die Autorin dieser Kurzgeschichten, Claudia Westphal, aufgewachsen in Nordrhein-Westfalen, lebte ausser in Deutschland mit ihrem Mann und Ihren erwachsenen Kindern auch in Canada und in Grossbritannien.  Sie war viele Jahre in der Wirtschaft taetig, bis sie ihrer Kreativitaet und Liebe zum Schreiben nachgab und ihre knappe Zeit dem Schreiben von spannenden Kurzgeschichten zu widmen begann.

(GERMAN EDITION) US$2.99  / Can$ 3.60 / Euro 3.60

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Traumberuf Pilot?


Der “Traum vom Fliegen” beeinflusst den Berufswunsch vieler junger
Frauen und Männer. Bislang hatten sie jedoch kaum die Möglichkeit, 
detaillierte Hintergrundinformationen zu ihrer Berufswahl in Europa 
zu finden.

Das Buch Traumberuf Pilot? gliedert sich in drei Bereiche: 
Im ersten Teil werden die Einsatzmöglichkeiten für Berufspiloten 
erklärt und der Berufsalltag beschrieben. 

ISBN Electronic book:

ISBN Print book:

Vom Nachtfrachtpiloten über den Executive-Flieger bis hin zum 
Langstreckenpilot berichten Cockpit-Crews über ihren Arbeitsbereich.
Unzählige Hintergrund Information in diesem Deutsch-sprachigen 
Alles was Sie als angehender Pilot wissen müssen finden Sie in diesem 
praktischen Ratgeber - der "Bibel" fuer Berufs- und Helicopterpiloten.

Helping War Refugees Through the Winter

.For the last two years, Canadian volunteer Charmaine Craig helped war refugees in Greece. This winter she went to Lebanon were huge tent cities house hundred-thousands of Syrian people, who lost their homes, jobs, schools and often many family members to this five-year war.  They have to live in tents in the middle of winter!

Most of us wish for a happy, healthy and prosperous year and it is ever more important here. Syrian families displaced by war wish for peace and wonder about when the day comes that the war is over if they will have a place to go back to.”

***This upcoming eBook is intended to raise funds to help families
and to provide them with food and warmth. It shows how volunteers
helped stranded war refugees on the island of Kos, in Greece***

“Families live in abject poverty here in the Beqaa Valley.
They have barely enough food to survive let alone for proper nutrition. And, children run around in sandals and light jackets when it is freezing outside. So many children and elderly will end up sick this winter.

There are over 1400 informal settlement camps scattered on farmer fields throughout the valley. Not every settlement receives aid. A lot of NGO’s will not work here due to safety concerns. Here at Salam LADC we try to reach the most vulnerable. We have done many distributions in my short time here and the relief and joy it brings to the people is very gratifying. We provide food bags with enough staples for one month for each family and heating fuel to help keep them warm. “

Charmaine wrote: “I am very happy to work with Salam LADC. I can see they do so much good here with their projects. But as they are a small grassroots NGO their funding is provided by us, the volunteers, and our networks.

Please do also help with a donation to GoFundMe Winter 2016 Campaign.


Visit to Europe’s Most Beautiful Libraries

Europe’s Most Beautiful Libraries:  Explore Baroque spaces or cutting-edge extensions from contemporary architects.




Biblioteca Joanina, Coimbra, Portugal, University Library
The library was built with the wealth that accompanied Portugal’s imperial endeavours, aka slave money… The exquisitely carving, lacquering and design were all deliberately commissioned in order to make the best use of Portugal’s craftsmen, and much of the wood used was exotic to them, as it was exported from Brazil. The library only houses books printed in the 19th century and earlier, making it a truly historical collection. The University city of Coimbra is west of Lisbon/Portugal and worth a trip of several days.

Admont Abbey Library
One of the largest monastery libraries in the world, the library at Admont Abbey, only a few kilometers from Liezen, not far from #9 highway in the province of Styria/Austria, is a baroque masterpiece. The decoration is a combination of pure white with gold arrangements, matched by the contents of the library, set in Austria’s oldest monastery and containing an eclectic mixture of antique books. Expansive windows allow the sun to flood the room. Don’t miss to visit the monastery garden, and approach it through a beautiful contemporary glass staircase.

Old Library, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
The library’s primary treasure may be the Book of Kells, an extravagantly illustrated gospel book, which is held on permanent public display. The Old Library also holds temporary exhibitions to show off some other specimens from the collection, which includes a copy of the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic, and the oldest harp in Ireland. The library also contains a significant collection of Samuel Beckett’s letters.

Austrian National Library, Hofburg Palace, Vienna
The Austrian National Library is housed in the Hofburg Palace, which was the historic seat of power for the Habsburg family. Decorated in an explosion of Baroque colour, the library is abundant in its decoration, with metres-tall bookshelves and luxurious ornaments.



Library Prague

Biblioteca Marciana, Venice
Even Andrea Palladio admitted that Jacopo Sansovino’s Biblioteca Marciana was the ‘richest and most ornate’ building assembled since antiquity. The obligatory ceiling frescoes and niche paintings are present, some of them painted by classical Venetian artists Titian and Tinteretto. Enter the library via a dramatic marble staircase, illuminated by golden decorations above, an great entrance to one of Venice’s finest buildings, located next to Piazza San Marco.



The Sockkids Meet Lincoln

1st Book in New Children’s Series by Michael J. Sullivan:
The SockKids Meet Lincoln – “I was intrigued with how a bit of important history was weaved in such a creative and unique fashion. I thought it was one of the most beautifully written, entertaining, and substantial children’s books I have had the pleasure of reading. This book shows history in a way that will plant the seed for learning and encourage kids to expand their minds with creativity.”
The SockKids received already dozens of 5-Star reviews!

Rabbit in the Jungle



Rabbit in the Jungle –
With more tricks than Bugs Bunny and more charm than Roger Rabbit he navigated the street-culture of Los Angeles during the heydays of West Coast hip hop;

navigated safely through prison politics;

built a reputation for himself at University of Nevada – Las Vegas

and partnered up with local fitness experts to bring a trendy gym to the downtown area of Vegas.


The story of Anthony Alegrete and how he went from bars to books…a classically American story of second chances, hard work and hope.  Get a Sample of “Rabbit in the Jungle” audio-book


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Meet Anthony Alegrete: author of “Rabbit in the Jungle”  #ebook  #AudioBook #AboutMe

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