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We welcome guest posts from our clients – who advertise here or book our online seminar and who are able to produce quality content, edited and maybe even with an image.

You might have read an article, we wrote earlier this month, explaining how authors can get publicity for their books by writing content.  Blog guest posting is one possibility of many, and here is the best reason for it – beside the fun of writing:

Link to your book
Guest posting is a great way for your blog and your book to get some fantastic exposure.*   You certainly can add links from your guest blog to your website, your own blog or the retailer where your book is sold. At the same time you’ll be helping readers (most of them are writers) of this blog, by providing them with useful and relevant information.

Here are some guidelines for you:

  • Your Guest Post must be original. It should be a new, original post, written entirely by you. No articles from article directories.
  • Topics: should be relating to writing, publishing and book marketing. It doesn’t have to be specific to e-books.
  • Length: somewhere between 500 words to 700 words. Longer posts if the subject requires it.
  • Exclusivity: for 30 Days. By submitting a guest post to us, you agree not to post it anywhere else online for a period of 30 days after it first appears on this blog. After this time the article is yours again.
    Exemption:  You might re-blog it on your own website, as soon as it is online on SavvyBookWriters. Use the re-blog button on top of our blog.
  • Don’t query. Just send your entire post to 111publishing *at* gmail  . com – copy and paste it directly into the email body – No attachments will be accepted!
  • Subject line for the email: Guest Post
  • Please include a short “About the Author” bio of up to 150 words (including the link to your Web site or book sales page, max. two links.  Tip: using the function, you can pack lots of links in one, and readers can find your Social Media sites as well.
  • The link back to your own website must be in the Author Bio, not within the article itself. Your bio link must link to your own author site, or to your sales book of your book. No affiliate links and no links to unrelated sites / products.
  • Please submit a polished post that you would be proud to have published.
  • Become familiar how to write for the web

You will be contacted within 3-5 working days.
Thanks a lot for your interest and we do look forward to hear from you!

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